Here they are - the entire group of Galapagos comic strips for your reading pleasure! So sit back, make it look like you're really working in case someone walks by, and laugh your patootie off (assuming, of course, that you have a patootie...)
GROUP 1 - Friends, wild abandon, apathy & diaries

GROUP 2 - No fear, nevermind, fish coffee, and morning

GROUP 3 - Patience, Wal-Mart, harrassment and anal-retentive

GROUP 4 - Karma's headdress, sand castles, Zud's women and piercings

GROUP 5 - Pizza, neighborhood, oreos and bird protests

GROUP 6 - Grace, piers, $50 and boobies

THE SUNDAYS (it is actually safe to read them on Tuesdays as well - D.G.)

Twinkies * Fishing Zen * Finches * Origins

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