Terry Menefee Gau

House of Fallen Catherine (speaking principal) 1122 Productions
Evan Almighty Congresswoman #7 (principal) Universal Studios
The New World Second woman (speaking principal) New Line Cinema
The Billy Bean Story Patricia (Lead) Discovery Channel
Gateway to Hell Psychic (speaking principal) Discovery Channel
A Mother's Heartbreak Tara (Lead) The Learning Channel
Overkill Mother (speaking principal) The Learning Channel
Line of Fire Bakery Customer ABC
It’s a Miracle Neighbor (speaking principal) PAX
GSH Realty Wife Regional
Road Runner Highspeed Online Ultra-mom www.rrfast.com
Monarch Bank Banker Regional
Car Problems-VA Kidney Foundation Driver National
Norwalk Furniture Mother National
Topeka's Steakhouse Mother National
Ken Dixon Automotive 1950's Mother, Lady in Red Regional
Richmond Times Dispatch Ditzy Driver Local
Hardee’s NASCAR Excited Fan Regional
Franco’s Clothier Model, Customer, Harried Friend Local
Heilig Meyers Excited Customer, Buyer Regional
VA Department of Health Avian Flu Concerned Business Woman Jerry Williams
Anthem/Blue Cross Frustrated Mother Fuel Creative
Diocese of Arlington Capital Campaign Solicitor EAF Productions
Domestic Violence Abusive Mother EAF Productions
Capital One Ethics Training Video Firing Boss EAF Productions
Patient Care Training Video Mother with Sick Son Metro Video
Anlir Legal Training Video Confused Lawyer, Angry/Stressed Paralegal Metro Video
Central Fidelity Violence in the Workplace Threatened Wife Metro Video
Journey of Destiny - Jamestowne 400 Queen Anne Prosidy/Palomino Productions
And Evening with Gertrude Lawrence Gertrude Lawrence Palomino Productions
Julius Caesar Casca/Calpurnia/Portia Richmond Shakespeare
Comedy of Errors Adriana Encore Theatre/Agecroft
Volume of Smoke Ensemble Firehouse Theatre
Wait Until Dark Director Chamberlayne Actors Theatre (CAT)
Jake’s Women Maggie CAT
84 Charing Cross Road Director CAT
The Living Director Union/PSCE
The Lady’s Not For Burning Jennet CAT
Torch Song Trilogy Laurel Triangle Theatre
Voice Experience
Bon Secours The Knee Regional
American Family Fitness Customer Regional
Waterville Ski Resort Frustrated Customer Regional
Discover Card Confused Customer National
Longwood University Upset Mother Regional
Chatham Historic Video Narrator Regional
Virginia State Police State Trooper Regional
Virginia Lottery Redneck Waitress Regional
Acting Kim Neblett Acting Class, VA
Acting Rick Warner Acting for Film, VA

Special Skills
Dialects (British, Irish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Australian), Teleprompter, French, Singing (Soprano/Alto), Computer, Weights, Hiking, Swimming, Cycling, Rollerblading, Cooking, Public Speaking, Gardening, Tools (hammer, saw, drill, wrench, paint brushes, etc.), Writing (screenplays, stage plays, stories), Teaching, Mathematics, Yoga, Human Resources, Legal Work, Negotiation Experience, Corporate Experience